My first book, in my three -book historical novel series based on actual events of the era, Red Invasion Series, is published.  The series follows the Communists Invasions in the USA from the Thirties through the Forties. The first book, Red Clay Rising, is available on Amazon in Kindle and Print versions.  Red Clay Rising follows the exploits of Cade Pell, an Alabama lawman of the Thirties, and his team of deputies. The story takes place in Tallapoosa County in 1930 when Russia invaded Alabama determined to foment an uprising amongst black sharecroppers. Their goal was to establish a self-determined black nation in the Black Belt.  Their end game meant to destabilize the USA to the point of Communists overthrow. The story is history. The story is action-packed. Enjoy.

Red Clay Rising

Cade Pell, the High Sheriff of Tallapoosa County in 1930, defends his county against an invasion led by Communist operatives, charged by Russian leadership, to foment an uprising amongst Sharecroppers with the goal of establishing an independent black nation in the Black Belt of the USA.

At the beginning, the hero is a county sheriff filled with guilt and fear about his past and his job. His flaws make him superstitious and has anxiety attacks and he lacks confidence about his job due to his basic disagreement with his Boss about how life should be in the county.

Cade uses his skills as a sheriff and a detective to defend his county from an evil outside force and to gain the moral high ground.

Character Change: attains strength and self-esteem as he moves from child to teacher-leader.

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