Hello out there! It all begins with a germ!

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The germ of an idea.

You might think that if that germ turns into a novel you have arrived.

But, be careful, as with all germs they are contagious…and I’ve got it. That is, the bug to write.

My first book is out there. Where? On Amazon. It’s an eBook and it’s a print-on-demand book.

It’s kind of amazing…you order the eBook and you get it instantly; you order the print book and they print it and get it to you in two days.

What’s the book?

It’s Red Clay Rising: When Russia Invaded Alabama

You say….no way! I say, way. I researched it for over 20 years.

It happened. When? 1930 – 31. Where: Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Why: It was part of the obsession Russia has to convert all governments to communism. They even have a name for it called “permanent revolution”. It is still going on in many parts of the world today, maybe even in the United States.

What? The Reds sent a team onto U.S. soil, into Tallapoosa County, Alabama, intending to foment the oppressed sharecropper through the guise of unionism.

Did it work?  Get the book.

You will have trouble believing the story and astounded at the outcome.

In the next blog, I will get into the story just enough to whet your appetite.

After that, I will write about how to write a historical novel based entirely on true historical fact. And, I will tell you what happened next in the saga.

Gotta go…I’m writing the second novel, out of three, on the same subject.

Thanks for reading. Keep it up even if trapped in a bathroom with nothing to read but the back of a toothpaste tube. That’s actually interesting…actually.